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Massage in Bad Bleiberg

Hotel Vital - Massage in Bad Bleiberg

The head massage itself, the motto of the hotel Vital when it comes to the welfare of our customers. Massages in the hotel Vital in Bad Bleiberg, even after almost 40 years, is still the senior partner in person, Mr. Edwin Lutz sen. Performed.


In the future, but he received strong support during the massage of his daughter Sabine, who has made the training of medical massage therapist and is constantly expanding the range in this area and on the cutting edge of medicine.


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Another treatment option in our house is the so called Kneipp treatment. Under the Kneipp treatment means which influence the body with the beneficial effects of the water in the form of pressure and heat to positive.


Hotel Vital - Massage in Bad Bleiberg

Let yourself be pampered!

Always "all inclusive" for hotel guests is the sauna with plunge pool and relaxation room.


Other treatment services in our house:

Solarium € 5, -

Infrared heat cabin with light therapy, € 5, -

Ear candle therapy € 20, -

An old natural remedy of the Indians, it frees
Head, sinuses and ears, relaxed in nervousness and stress.

Kneipp applications:

Inclined footbath € 5, -
Foot or Armwechselbad € 5, -


Packaging applications:

Moor Mud Pack € 14, -

Massage - always a pleasure:

Partial massage 25 minutes € 25, -

This is specifically addressed particularly stressed body.
Select: back massage, Fuß-/Beinmassage, Hand-/Armmassage,
(Especially recommended for headaches) Nacken-/Kopfmassage

Feel-good massage full body 40 minutes € 40, -

The skin and underlying tissue and muscles
be stimulated. The sphere includes the mechanical action (to release
of tension), biochemical effects (release of hormones), reflex
Effect (on the internal organs), psychogenic effect (relaxation) and
the effect on the immune system (to strengthen).
A benefit across the board - you must not miss!

Reflexology 25 minutes € 27, -

With this treatment, numerous reflex points are stimulated,
acting on the internal organs and muscles, and also
the self-healing powers activate.


Hot Stone Massage 55 minutes € 57, -

This brought old massage technique is Haiwaii with hot stones
carried out, with the volcanic basalt stones are used as a tool.
Muscles are relaxed with their tension, the blood flow
promoted and soothes the soul and brought into balance.